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Date: Wednesday 24th June 2009

The following email in Farsi we received today (Wednesday 24th june). It is written by a doctor from “Rasul Akram” hospital in Tehran who says that some people were killed not only by one bullet as they found two or three bullets in some bodies, close to one another, showing that shooters used barrage shooting against people and not only a single shot. A 68 year old man had 3 bullets in his body, two on his left shoulder and one in the left side of his stomach. The doctors of the “Rasul Akram”hospital say they had been faced with 38 people killed during last week’s protests. Apparently, police took the corpse of the dead bodies out from the hospital and carried them away by truck. Most of their families still do not know if their children have been killed. Besides, among the corpse there were some 15, 16 years old kids.

According to the email, the crew of the hospital protested in the street next to the hospital giving out the information about the violence to the people. The photos attached are from this demonstration which appears to have taken place earlier this week.

-Where s my vote?

In Arabic:

الرسالة الالكترونية القادمة باللغة الفارسية تم استلامها هذا اليوم الموافق 24 يونيو 2009 وتم إعدادها من قبل دكتور يعمل بمستشفى رسول أكرم بمدينة طهران .

يفيد بان بعض الأفراد قد قتلوا بأكثر من رصاصة, ربما اثنتين أو ثلاثة وبالقرب من بعضهما البعض.

شخص عمره 68 عاما كان يوجد في جسمه ثلاث رصاصات .. اثنتين في كتفه الأيسر وواحدة في اليسار من معدته.

الأطباء من مستشفى رسول أكرم يفيدوا بأنهم شاهدوا 38 من القتلى خلال المظاهرات الأسبوع الماضي .

وللعلم بان الشرطة الإيرانية اخذوا هذه الجثث من المستشفى المذكور وحملوهم بالحافلات مع العلم إن أكثر عائلاتهم لا يعرفوا عنهم شيئا .

وهذه الجثث تتراوح أعمارهم بين 15 _ 16 سنة .

كما تفيد الرسالة الالكترونية فان طاقم التمريض قد احتجوا وتظاهروا بجانب المستشفى وأعطوا هذه المعلومات إلى الأشخاص المتواجدين في الشارع .

الصور المرفقة عن هذه المظاهرة قد أخذت في بداية هذا الأسبوع .


أين صوتي؟

The original email in Farsi:

من پزشک هستم و در بیمارستان رسول اکرم در خیابان ستارخان مشغول به کارم. دیروز تعداد 38 نفر به دلیل اصابت گلوله در اورژانس بیمارستان ما پذیرفته شدند که 10 نفر آنها کشته و بقیه زخمی بودند. الگوی زخمها حاکی از این بود که مردم به رگبار بسته شده اند زیرا بسیاری از مجروحین دو یا چند گلوله خورده بودند و محل اصابت گلوله ها نیز بسیار نزدیک به هم بود، به عنوان مثال پیر مردی 68 ساله در دو ناحیه کتف چپ و سمت چپ شکم مورد اصابت قرار گرفته بود و یا پسری 18 ساله از ناحیه کف و مچ دست هدف قرار گرفته بود. شرح حال اخذ شده از مجروحین و نیز الگوی زخمها نشان می داد که تیر اندازی از پشت بام انجام شده است، مثلا جوانی 32 ساله از کمر مورد اصابت قرار گرفته بود ولی گلوله از جلو و از قسمت ران خارج شده بود.

بنا به گفته مجروحین تیر اندازی به طور ناگهانی و زمانی آغاز شد که سیل جمعیت در حال عبور از کنار یک پایگاه بسیج در شمال میدان آزادی (اول بزرگراه محمد علی جناح) بود. به گفته مجروحان یک اتومبیل در مقابل درب آن پایگاه به شکلی پارک شده بود که کسی نتواند با شکستن در وارد آن شود و این امر نشانه برنامه ریزی قبلی برای تیر اندازی می باشد. به گفته شاهدان حدود 4 نفر بسیجی از پشت بام این مرکز به طور ناگهانی اقدام به تیراندازی نمودند به نحوی که حتی کسانی که قصد نجات زخمی ها را داشتند خود نیز مورد اصابت قرار می گرفتند. یکی از مجروحین می گوید در حالی که پشت یک اتومبیل پناه گرفته بودم زخمی شدم.

در این مرحله مردم خشمگین به اتومبیل پارک شده در مقابل این پایگاه حمله کرده و آنرا به آتش می کشند ولی نمی توانند وارد پایگاه شوند. در ادامه پلیس ضد شورش به همراه گروه های دیگری از بسیجیان برای پراکنده کردن مردم خشمگین از راه می رسند که در این مرحله نیز در قسمت هایی از طول خیابان جناح (به عنوان مثال در نزدیکی مترو) عده دیگری نیز کشته و زخمی می شوند.

طبق اطلاعاتی که امروز صبح از پزشکان بیمارستان امام خمینی کسب شد، به این بیمارستان نیز در طی دیشب 38 کشته که با گلوله مستقیم کشته شده بودند منتقل شده است.

لازم به ذکر است که در بامداد امروز پلیس امنیتی تمامی جنازه ها را به زور از بیمارستان تحویل گرفته و آنها را با وانت به محل نا معلومی منتقل کرده است و خانواده بسیاری از آنان حتی از کشته شدن فرزند خود نیز بی خبرند. در بین کشته ها و مجروحین تعدادی کودک 15 و 16 ساله نیز دیده می شوند.

امروز ساعت 9 تا 11 صبح دانشجویان و پزشکان بیمارستان رسول اکرم در خیابان مجاور این بیمارستان تجمع کرده و به توزیع برگه هایی حاوی اطلاعاتی پیرامون تعداد کشته ها و زخمی ها اقدام نمودند. این تجمع در نهایت با حضور پلیس ضد شورش به پایان رسید.

با احترام

رای من کجاست؟


>>>Two protested guys who had been injured in recent violences were transferred to Evin prison. The prisoner, Kourosh Shahbazi and Karim Bagherpour yazdi who are from Tehran had been injured last week. Yesterday,they have been transferred from Sepah Baghiatollah hospital to Evin prison.As they are not allowed to call and to be visited by someone ,we do not have any news about their current physical condition.

>>>On the twelfth day of the nationwide protests, thousands of university students and people in Shiraz, have staged protests since 17:00 local time in Eram Square, Abiverdi district, Chamran Highway, and Daneshjou Square. The regime’s suppressive forces have placed people under brutal attacks, arresting and injuring many of them.

>>>Since the morning on Thursday, thousands of relatives of those arrested in the people’s nationwide uprising held a sit-in outside the Tehran branch of the ‘Revolutionary Court’ of the religious fascism ruling Iran.

Agents of the suppressive State Security Force and Ministry of Intelligence and Security have besieged the protesters and are preventing other people from joining them.


24 june


Anonymous said...

Very brave people. Thanks again for all you are doing to keep us updated. Will spreak the word as much a possible.

Anonymous said...

Greeting from Australia Saeed,

This is important information. Your English text is a summary of the email I think - could a fluent Farsi-English speaker please make and post a complete translation?

Using Google-Translate I see there is a lot of additional information in the doctors email - especially to do with multiple bullet wounds and what the doctor believes are gunshot wounds inflicted by rooftop snipers (because of angled bullet paths in a corpse).

The number of deaths at just one hospital is alarming - suggesting protester deaths across Tehran may be higher than reported.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

^the number of the victims is definitly more than reported. the forces remove most of the bodies immediately after the killing and refuse to give them to their families and burry them in silence and force the families to be silent as well and to not have any memorial ceremony.

Marco Crupi said...

I'm italian and I am very sorry for what's happening in your country.

I wish you good luck and I hope that justice will triumph.

Forgive my poor English

chris jenkins said...

I am American and my heart goes out for the Iranian people. May justice prevail!

Anonymous said...

This is so sick, these violent bastards have got to go.

(And Marco, there's nothing to forgive - your English seems to be excellent.)

Beppe said...

Saeed thanks for this letter and for the pics, we can image the real situation only by your news.

..and so i see brave Iranian people everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Basiji who are killing my brothers and sisters are freeloading dogs of the Islamic regime. There days are comming to an end...motherless bastards!!!

aria said...


Those of you outside of Iran who are monitory these images, call your officials and tell them to put a pressure on Iranian diplomats in your country. Spread the news and information to as many people as possible. If you stop sharing, they will open up a floodgate of blood soaked altar of gore on Iranian people. The last few days have been unimaginable and many are being perished in the most horrendous fashion.

PLEASE PLEASE, I am begging you to call your representatives and let know what it's going on over there.

Klodius said...

Guerrilla war is necessary.
To organise self-defence groups.

Anonymous said...

Klodius, how could there be a guerrilla war when the people have no weapons? The first thing a dictatorship/mullacracy does is disarm it's people so they are in complete control. I pray for the Iranians and that there will be regime change. The 'supreme leader' is evil. The Iranians are so very brave. All they want is a stop to repression and to experience freedom. I hope all freedom loving contries impose strict sactions against this evil regime.

Anonymous said...

The EU must impose sanctions NOW. If all members of EU rtefuse to interact with the bastard Iranian government -- it will soon fall. EU, sanctions now: freeze ALL Iranian Government assets, NO MORE gasoline for Iran until its government falls/is changed.

MarcoCar said...


Anonymous said...

need alliance people and military

jurassicpork said...

I have to ask you if you've verified the provenance of this letter.

Sérgio said...

Guerrilla war is necessary to open Iran for freedom. We from Brazil are praying for you.

jurassicpork said...

A Farsi speaker just came into my blog and told me that the English text is not a translation of the Farsi text posted above it. The fact that the English is right below the letter in Farsi would seem to suggest it's a direct translation yet I'm told that it's not.

kumagcow said...

I hope your people be freed from bondage and get this government to accept your real vote is.

Freedom for you and the people of Iran. said...

I am inspired by the bravery of the Iranian people - we all are. And I am sickened and saddened by the response of your government. Our hearts go out to you all from across the world.

Please remember that each and every act of your defiance is a defiance of tyranny everywhere and a gift to future generations in Iran and the world. One by one the great civilizations of the world have democratized and become free. In this darkest hour in Iran, it may be easy to forget how often dictatorships have fallen throughout the world. You are leading the world into the 21st century. May your wishes be granted.

Todd Nessa said...

I am praying for a free and democratic Iran. I feel very strongly that the Lord hears your heart's cry for freedom and is working behind the scenes to bring it about. Many people in the United States are praying for you and for your voices to be heard. Good people around the world desire to see your people enjoy the freedoms that so many Americans take for granted everyday. God loves the people of Iran.

Anonymous said...


Yes - that's what i thought. I don't know farsi but you only have to look at the length of the text and the digits in the text to see it's not an accurate translation - it's a summary.

This item has already been picked up by the Guardian's news blog - see the 4.58pm post..

Again , can somebody provide an accurate translation? An Iranian expat perhaps?

Anonymous said...

There are some missing paragraphs in the English translation. I'll just summarize since I don't have a lot of time.

The paragraphs speak about the angle of the shots coming from a rooftop, and put forth a plausible explanation of why the people were shot. Apparently, a group of protesters passed by a Basij building and four of the Basij opened fire on them. Some who were attempting to aid the wounded were also shot.

Apparently, following this, the people set fire to the building but could not take it over. Shortly after, the Basij scattered the protesters wounding and possibly killing more. They say that 38 were killed last night.

This is a rough paraphrasing. Hope this helps.

Student of Farsi

Klodius said...

Klodius, how could there be a guerrilla war when the people have no weapons?
The weapon should be selected at those who attacks.
I wish the people of Iran of a victory, only a victory.

Anonymous said...

please ask doctors and nurses to take digital pictures of injured people so there exist an evidence for their families to know what has happened to their loved ones.

Anonymous said...

No hope for Iran till islam exists

what iranians are doing is to force islam to go

but they can not shout marg bar eslam

only by force we can oblige the govenment of islamic country to permit the publication of books about islamic history and politically INCORRECT and this is talking how savagely muhammad and butcher Ali killed

Ali Dashti 23 years read this book

search google 23 years ali dashti

Kaveh76 said...

Traduction :

Je suis médecin et je travaille à l’hôpital « Rasul Akram », situé rue Sattâr Khân à Teheran.

Hier (23 juin) 38 personnes tuées ou blessés par balles ont été accueillies par les urgences de notre hôpital.

Parmi eux, on comptait 10 morts, les autres étant seulement blessés.

Le type des blessures révélait clairement que ces gens avait été exposés à des tirs de barrage et non à des tirs isolés. Parmi les blessés, nombreux étaient ceux qui avaient reçu deux balles ou plus dans le corps, avec des impacts très rapprochés.

Un homme de 68 ans avait par exemple reçu 3 balles : 2 dans l’épaule gauche et 1 à droite de l’estomac.

Un garçon de 18 ans a été touché à la fois à la main et au poignet.

Le récit des blessés ainsi que le type des blessures indique que les coups de feu sont venus de tireurs embusqués sur les toits.

Un jeune homme de 32 ans a été touché à la taille, la balle expulsant la moitié d’un rein, et selon le témoignage des survivants, le tir serait venu de devant et d’en haut, des toits.

Les tirs se sont déclenché soudainement alors que la foule passait devant une base des bassidjis au nord de la place de la Liberté (Meydân-e Azadi, avant le carrefour Mohammad Ali Jinnah).

Toujours selon le témoignage des blessés, un véhicule était stationné devant le portail de la base afin d’empêcher une éventuelle intrusion.
Selon les témoignages 4 des bassidjis postés sur les toits ont ouvert soudainement le feu sur la foule, et lorsque des gens se sont précipités vers les premiers blessés, ils les ont aussi pris pour cibles.

L’un des blessés rapporte qu’il a été touché alors qu’il s’abritait derrière une voiture.

C’est à ce moment que la foule en colère s’est approchée des grilles et a jeté des cocktails molotovs sans pouvoir entrer dans le bâtiment.

La police anti émeutes est ensuite intervenue accompagnées d’autres groupes de bassidjis pour disperser la foule en colère. C’est alors que le long de l’avenue M-A Jinnah (près du métro) un autre groupe de manifestants a été pris pour cible avec des blessés et des tués.

Selon les informations obtenues de la part des médecins de l’hôpital Emam Khomeyni, cet hôpital à également reçu ce soir là un nombre équivalent de blessés et de tués par des tirs directs.

A l’aube, ce matin (24 juin), les forces de sécurité sont venues emmener les cadavres de forces et les ont entassés dans des fourgons puis les ont emmenés vers une direction inconnue.

De nombreuses familles n’ont même pas été informées du décès de leurs enfants. Parmi les morts et les blessés, on a dénombré plusieurs adolescents âgés de 15 ou 16 ans.

Aujourd’hui (24 juin) les internes et les médecins de l’hopital Rasul Akram ont manifesté de 9h à 11h du matin dans la rue qui jouxte l’hôpital, distribuant des feuilles indiquant le nombre de morts et de blessés. Cette manifestation a pris fin avec l’intervention de la police anti émeute.

Date: Wednesday 24th June 2009

Anonymous said...

برادران و خواهران ایرانی ام! در تظاهرات کوچک اگر جمعیت پخش بشود دستگیری افراد برای سرکوبگران راحت تر است. موقع حمله به آنها باید در گروه های تقریبا ۵ نفره عمل کرد. نباید بسادگی اسیر داد، هر فرد تظاهر کننده باید بداند دیگران نهایت تلاششان را برای رهایی او خواهند کرد. زنده باد آزادی

To my brothers and sister all over the world!
In small demonstrations when you are scattered, it is easier for the suppressors to arrest you. When you attack them organize yourselves in groups of about 5 persons. You shall not let them take any prisoner easily. Any demonstrator should know that others will do their utmost to rescue him/her. Long live freedom

Anonymous said...

Stand strong brave Iranians! Strength in numbers. I get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes watching these videos.

How did those cars get jammed up like that? Did the Basij do that to direct the flow of the protestors?

I like how they seem to be burning one of the bad guys' bikes. What can the protestors do to defend themselves and also fight back?! They need to be able to do something to stop the situation when people are getting slaughtered or beaten! The civilians are so defenseless. :(

Янина Танева said...

My dear Iranina Friends!

we made a movement of solidarity with the victims of the regime during the protests in Bulgaria.

You could see fotos from our small but emotional protest in front of the Iranina embassy in Sofia yeterday:

The protest was widely covered by bulgarian media in central news and pages of the newspapers.
We want to support your efforts for freedom!
You could send us fotos, videos and information, that we spread around the Balkans and bulgaria.

love, let peace prevail and don`t give up!

Anonymous said...

I am outraged over the brutality the regime has used to suppress these demonstrations. I am outraged over the killing of Neda an others. Please, if you have pictures and a Name of the her killer, make it public on the net.
Let's see how the killers would like it getting public recognition for they're heroism.

I may be naive in hoping the Iran regime may be changed but somehow I have the strange feeling the Mullahs that call for 'harsh' punishment of the captured, are the once the Iranian people have to fear most, along with they're criminal government and it's brutal foreign supporters.
Funny how the so called Iranian Government makes a point of this been an internal affair and other countries are to stay out of this issue, yet the very same government kindly invites the brutal help of Hezbolla recruits and Saudies. What's with that ?
Oh right, they have one thing in common, They fear there own people could up rise against they're own suppressors. But that seems the only common thing they have, otherwise they actually can't stand each other and probably would fight each other in endless wars. Anyway, so they gladly give a helping hand to the (still in power) Iranian Government to extinguish the democratic movement, once and for all.
As the 'popular' Clercic called for swift and 'harsh' punishment of those (read: democratic or so called counter-revolutionar), they surely can use any helping hand in the sickening scheduled public killing to come in the near future.
I believe once the Iranian people freed themselves from these tyrants, in a similar fashion like the French people did in there revolution, only then there is a real chance of enduring democracy and freedom in this country.

Just my view on this.

From Germany, I wish the freedom seeking Iranians (and the entire middle east for that matter) all the best in they're quest for a free democratic government.

Be strong, there are tough times ahead of you.

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