Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today:Interview with Channel 2 News !

please give us update what is happening today in Tehran ? is it calm or still protests?

Rallies and objections are still continuing in iran. Yesterday people in Tehran as well as those in other cities participated in a massive protest which took place between hafte tir square and valiasr square. In these objections people held cards and on each one it would say things such as dawn with dictator, dawn with fascism and Nazism, and also in respect of the martyrs in the past few days we shall be silent today. Also the rallies and the objection programmes are still ongoing today. The Islamic Republic is no longer issuing or renewing the visas for the journalists and has informed them that it will be against the law if anyone is trying to broadcast the news of Iran. Although this has happened and although most of the websites are filtered, however people are doing their best in order to inform the whole world about what has been happening in Iran recently. Also yesterday the Iranian people held a funeral for those who died in the past few days and in the mean time we could see the hatred people have towards the current sovereignty in Iran

We understand that today there is a call of mousavi for a big demonstration- what you can tell about it? Do you believe many people will attend the rally?

YesToday, Thursday June 18, at 5pm Tehran time, there will be protest rallies in several cities in Iran against the regime's repression and killings. People will demand the identification and prosecution of those who have ordered and carried out the killings.

these rallies are created by people and not mousavi or other objecting candidates. At the moment these objections have reached the highest pitch, and these candidates have no choice but to participate in these rallies and objections so that they won’t lose control. If mousavi at any stage announce to people that he agrees he has lost the elections, then not long after people will make a battle against mousavi himself, it might even get worse than the situation now. If that happens, the miscellany of the Islamic Republic will badly be in danger. The Islamic Republic is trying to stop people about having massive objections, by using these candidates as a tool and by making Islamic battle is doing its best to keep everyone quite. I am sure even if that is the case, millions of peoples will still participate in the rallies and show their objections and these people will increase day by day.

is there fear in the streets of Tehran? what people most scare of , what can the security gaurds do?

People are no longer scared. We can see that even with people being killed and the harsh attack of the security guards to people themselves and their homes, the objections get more serious everyday and it will increase day by day. They are fighting for the life of those who have been killed in the past few days, and they have said that the more you attack us then the more objections you will see. By the objections becoming more serious every day, they have asked the sentry army to take control of the situation instead of the military army so that they control the environment with certain discipline.

do you think the outside world or the western world do enough to help the iraninan people ? Would you like to send a message to the world?

The news coverage and also the attitude of the TV channels with the objections, up until now has been acceptable and because the objections are becoming more massive every day, then it’s logical but then it’s not enough. As it happened in the session called (DURBAN 2) and also with the International labour organisation, we want the Islamic Republic to be removed from the international organizations, and we believe that this regime does not have the competence of sovereignty over Iran, and also in the past thirty years of the sovereignty, all it brought up is poverty and execution. It has also caused many differences between different levels of people within the society.

Last but not least, as said above the Islamic Republic should be removed from the international organizations and we would like to say that they don’t have the ability and the competence to rule the sovereignty over Iran

Thanks to Ghazaleh.


Anonymous said...

my heart is with the people,
we see them on TV
I "get" their protest
To Dare, To Will and To Keep SIlent
I wonder what that sounds like in Farsi
May they craft a new government
May they wisper Freedom to each other
until it rings loudly from the public square.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You sir are full of crap. Many of us Iranians support Ahmedinijad so please don't make out that you represent the Iranian people!


dallagnese said...

keep up the good work!

A Bout de souffle said...

De France Avec vous : Iran, article 35

Anonymous said...

Fuck you and Ahamdinijad, you piece a

Anonymous said...

If Ahamdinijad was such a great leader as some of you say, whay are hundreds of thousands in the streets?? He rigged the elections, he has killed innocent protesters, and he WILL fall...wake up man and use your brain!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahamdinijad's days are now numbered. Once you try to repress a revolution, and kill innocents for protesting, it just makes them MORE DETERMINED !! My prediction is that by the end of this week, he will be ousted from office!!!!

Anonymous said...

To that stupid supporter of Ahmaghineja and his evil regim. You are either as dumb and brainless as the rest of his supporters or you are blind as well as being an animal or all of these for making such a comment. Open your ugly eyes and see what he has done to our people by killing them everyday. This is the faith and way you want people to join you? dont forget you brainless lumpan for every little drop of their innocent blood there will be hundreds of free youngesters who would take revenge on assholes like you and the EVIL regim. Down with you dirty pig.

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