Monday, June 15, 2009

A specter is haunting Iran: the specter of Revelotion!


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Right now from Tehran:

"Basij militia" Shots fired at huge Iran protest,Minimum 8 people got killed!

A Report on the Dire Condition of the Recent Detainees
Sources estimate that at least one thousand demonstrators have been detained in the past few days. Given the space limitations of the Evin prison, these detainees have been brought in through the visitation hall instead of the normal front entrance. The have been taken through the long corridor that leads to Section 240 of Evin prison.

Human Rights Activists News Agency reports that hundreds of protestors detained in the recent riots have been transferred to Evin and Kahrizak prisons. Reliable sources have reported the number of detainees to be in the hundreds and some have estimated over one thousand. Given the space limitations of the Evin prison, the detainees have been brought in from a side entrance that normally leads to the visitation hall and taken through a long corridor to Section 240 of the prison.

Eyewitnesses report that most detainees had the name "Moussavi" written on their shirts using red or green ink and many have multiple signs of bodily injury from clashes with the authorities. Due to limitations in space, multiple detainees are kept in each small cell in Section 240 and some in Section 209. They are denied visitation and telephone rights, access to healthcare, and meals on a regular basis.

Several other detainees are also being held in the notorious Kahrizak prison. This remote location has the unfortunate history of prisoner mistreatment and harassment and dire conditions during a previous operation to eradicate "street thugs" that led to the loss of lives of several prisoners. There is grave concern regarding the condition of the recent detainees in the Kahrizak facility because of its dark history and the lack of information and transparency.


Orumieh' IRIB in fire!


tehran today!



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Larry said...

Thank you for assembling all the current information regarding the Iranian post-election protests. The police and the government have gone too far with their attempts to restrain the protests. The political 'opposition' (to the current president--Ahmadinejad) has, according to all the major news sources here (U.S.)now has a number of former high-ranking Islamic Republic leaders. This doesn't bode well for the current leadership. From reports I've heard, the probability of a rigged election (because of the impossibly high percentage of votes for Ahmadinejad) is quite high. However, not a lot of hope is being given to a free and public recount of votes is being given..... It's felt that the Islamic Republics Supreme Leader will not permit anyone but Ahmadinejad to win. It'd been hoped that Iran's political leadership would change such that some improved communication would ensue between the governments of Iran & the U.S.

I wish all of you success with your endeavors to improve your lives in Iran. We, here in the U.S. had our own big turn-around when we elected Barack Obama our President.... "Yes We Can!!

Good Luck!
Larry Zollner

Anonymous said...

From U.S.
My heart goes out to you all. Freedom does not have a color but it is all about actions. Go get your rights. Marg bar Jumhuri eslami
Death with the Islamic republic and the radicals

Anonymous said...

Good luck from Bosnia. The protesters in Iran are in inspiration to the rest of the world! This is exactly how you should react when your rights are not being respected. Stay strong and we hope that you succeed!

Anonymous said...

an iranian student from Vienna

Anonymous said...

I live in the States and I just like to say that this is a great way to show the world what's really happening in Iran. Great job brothers.

Larry said...

All the world IS watching the on-going events of protest within Iran...thanks to all of you sending out the information. Our hopes and best wishes are with all of you very brave people who continue to protest in the streets. Freedom is always earned....thank you!!


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