Thursday, June 18, 2009

People in iran have hope...!

"People in iran have hope... It's good for people around the world to end our grief and support us in this matter. we were the victim of the press in 1979 revolution and we think this time each individual is a journalist and we won't let anyone choose a Dictator for us. please don't underestimate your work"
Today, Thursday June 18, at 5pm Tehran time, there will be protest rallies in several cities in Iran against the regime's repression and killings. People will demand the identification and prosecution of those who have ordered and carried out the killings.

>>>The human rights organization in iran, after the researches they had, and against all the informations recieved from iran and from the local government, managed to confirm the death of 32 iranian citizens, in relation to the situation relation to 24 and 25 khordad (persian calendar).

>>>During the process of the objections against the results of the elections of the Islamic Republic, in the city of "yazd", in the past 48 hours at least 3 of the citizens got shot by the military guards, and according to the local news agencies one of the citizens who was injured from the back area, also got shot and has now passed away. these objections took place at the" atlasi" and "na'l" roundabout in the passed few days, and the witnesses mentioned that a couple of the military guards and the military branches has atacked and broke the glasses of all the vehicles which were parked on the streets.

>>>A female student with the surname of tahmasebi, who was in the rallies and objections in the past days, was attacked by the security guards in the university of kermanshah. the stroke has effected her head/ brain therefore she is no longer alive. she passed away last night in the Emam Razi hospital of the city (Kermanshah).

>>>chemistry lecturers of the sanaty sharif university in tehran signes ther resignation letters together yesterday. they gathered and wrote the resignation letters in objection to all the attacks and killings which took place recently. even before that it was the tehran university lecturers who decided to resign also because of the attacks and killings. many of the lecturers in Amir Kabir univeristy in tehran, resigined last sunday. they gathered in the university mosque and showed their objetion to the recent situation in Iran, therefore they signed their resignation in support of the peole in Iran and also in support of their own students who have been attacked.

>>>The Islamic republic in Iran is brutally torturing students arrested in the uprising in the basement of the Interior Ministry building in Tehran.

Among them are students arrested during the midnight raid on Monday on the dormitory of the University of Tehran. They were transferred directly to the basement of the Interior Ministry building where they were subjected to brutal physical and psychological torture and rape.

Farhad Rahbar, an agent who was appointed by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as dean of the Tehran University, visited the students at the ministry the following day and warned them to keep silent about the torture they underwent.

>>> Women and youths clashed with agents of the Islamic republic’ dictatorship in various parts of Tehran on the fifth day of the nationwide uprising.Tens of thousands of residents of Tehran gathered in 7 Tir Square at 18:30 (local time) and chanted “death to the dictator”.Earlier in the afternoon, thousands of students marched from the University of Tehran to 7 Tir Square.

In a bid to break up the protestors, the regime dispatched its Revolutionary Guards, who are aboard trucks, to various parts of Tehran. There are an immense number of trucks carrying the guards, and the area resembles a war-zone. Members of the paramilitary Bassij continuously attacked the protestors to force them to disperse. The people chanted: “For as long as Ahmadinejad is around, this [protest] will continue”.

Extensive clashes broke out at 20:00 in Mirdamad-Vanak District between people and the suppressive forces, and the Bassij attacked the people there. People are heading to Vanak Square from Azadi and 7 Tir squares. They are chanting: “death to the dictator” and “valiant people, support us”, and local residents are joining their ranks, with young boys and girls at the forefront.

>>> Following uprising of the people of Esfahan which is in its fifth day, Esfahan’s prosecutor-general Mohammad Reza Habibi in a statement said, “I warn those who try to disrupt internal security by inciting individuals to destroy, the Islamic penal code for such individuals waging war against God is execution.”

While describing the protestors as “a few opportunist individuals” who try to take advantage of young people’s fervor to inflict blows to the establishment, he acknowledged that 200 people have been arrested including “minors” and 30 to 40 others wounded in Esfahan. He reiterated, “Some of the detainees are charged with serious crimes.”

Having failed to quell the people’s uprising in Esfahan with brutal suppression, widespread arrests, and killing and wounding a large number of protestors, the clerical regime is trying in vain to prevent the outpour of the people’s anger by resorting to executions and hangings in a bid to impose a reign of terror.

>>>Esfahan yesterday was the scene of demonstrations and clashes between suppressive forces and protestors. Demonstrations in Esfahan have been going on for the past five days. A number of people have been shot by the agents. Ambulance sirens could be heard from many parts in the city.

>>>at 19:00 tuesday , the suppressive forces of the regime including plain clothes agents, Bassij paramilitary force and Ansar Hizbollah group attacked students who where staging sit-in at Tehran University. They were insulted and badly beaten up.

The attack was carried out from the main entrance of the university in coordination with the agents of the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security based at the university and Tehran University’s president, Farhad Rahbar. This is the third attack on Tehran University in recent days. In last night’s attack, more than 100 students were wounded.

In attacks on student dormitories of Tehran University on Sunday and Monday evenings, five students were killed and a large number of them were wounded.

>>>Iran's government Tuesday banned international media from covering illegal rallies. It's in the same statement that international media are not allowed to attend and cover illegal rallies. The government also stated that rallies without permission from the government are illegal.
The decision was made while more than a hundred thousand people protested in Condemn election result in Tehran.

>>>Men in civilian clothes attacked Day hospital in Tehran (Tavanir st at Valiasr st) and it is not clear where they got their orders from. This happened hours after some of the people wounded and injured in the street violence against protesters were brought to Day hospital by ambulances and by people on Tuesday. Number of wounded and dead were also brought to this hospital on previous days.

The attackers who were armed with batons, chains, sticks, sprays and guns entered the emergency room by forcing and threatening the security guards and ordered doctors and nurses not to treat patients injured during the protests. They also called those patients "spies", "traitors", and "enemy's supporters".

The confrontation lasted 15 minutes during which the hospital staff tried to keep the attackers from approaching the patients and recognizing their faces. At the end, they succeeded in preventing violence.

Note that even in the World War II and during Israel and Palestine's war in Gaza, the medical teams have been safe and free to do their job and treat the wounded.


proud American said...

Although America and Iran have been enemies in the past and our relationship is still strained, people are people. Iranians want the same democratic process as we have in the U.S.A and I totally support the people of Iran and will pray each night for their deliverancy from this time of trouble. May God (and Allah) bless you

Anonymous said...

May God bless all of you and keep the struggle going . we had enough of this .Shame on you mullah for treating your daughter and sons in the manner you did .

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