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Revolution Or Not?

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Latest news from iran

>>> 32 got killed in iran by police shooting(update 17june)

The military or the disciplinary force and the secret police are breaking in to universities in Iran:
They are also attaching student while they are in their rooms on campus, and its necessary to say that they kill and beat them in an unbelievable and harsh way. The current situation in Iran, simply reminds people of the incident which took place on the 18th of Tir (Persian calendar), and the Islamic Republic is to blame. According to the report of the student sources, up until this moment, there are currently five people dead and many more are injured or are taken in to custody. In order to show objections, many university lecturers have resigned and are requesting restoration the dead bodies of their students.
On the seconf night of the protest, ‘coup d’etat of the elections’, the sovereignty powers, in order to stop the peaceful gathering of the people, have harshly entered the Tehran university and attacked students by using force and power such as pepper gas and grenade.
One of the students in his report said, that these people attacked us with Winchester weapons and started shooting at about 3:30 am until 5 am, and this was done in the most horrifying way. They use to scream and beat the students. They even threw couple of the students out from the window on top of the building, and I have to say that their current situation is not good at all. More than twenty of our friends have been killed and many more have been arrested, but unfortunately we don’t know where they are being held. As said previously, they attacked the campus and broke all the computers. They even attacked the trees in the university and because they were so angry they started shooting them with their guns therefore all the trees broke. It is absolutely obvious that Ahmadinejad has sent these people in order to take revenge, just because they are against him.
According to the report of one of the students, the students meekly resisted against the harsh attacks, however this was in a situation where no one of the staffs participated in these attacks in order to help their students so there for they were left alone and had to fight on their own without having any specific power or weapon.

>>>Tehran bazaar strike against killing of protestors:

Many merchants in the bazaar in Tehran, including textile traders, on Monday went on strike, and parts of the bazaar were closed down.Merchants had on Monday said in a statement they would go on strike on Tuesday.
Since this morning large sections of the bazaar have been closed. The merchants are on strike against the barbaric killing of people who took part in the courageous uprising against the Islamic Republic.
Simultaneously on Tuesday, Iranians in Paris, London, Washington DC, Berlin, Stockholm, Gothenburg, The Hague, and Trondheim (Norway) will hold protests in solidarity with the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising.

>>>120 professors resign and join sit-in by students in Tehran University:

A sit-in by students from the Tehran University in protest to the brutal suppression of fellow students, in particular during the recent dormitory raid, continues in the university mosque. Farhad Rahbar, an agent who was appointed by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as dean of the university attempted to join the students in order to prevent any escalation of their actions, but his presence was met with further protests. Agents of the Revolutionary Guards late on Sunday raided the university dormitory and assaulted and arrested many of the students.

In another development, more than 120 university professors collectively resigned in protest to the killings of students by suppressive forces, and they joined the protesters.

>>>Thousands of protestors arrested in Iran:

The widespread arrest of young protestors and opponents of the regime in Tehran and most other cities which began on Saturday has gained new dimensions. Thousands have so far been arrested.

About 900 of the detainees have been transferred to Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison. Some 350 have been put in solitary confinement in Evin and the others are being held in Ward 240 of the prison. A number of the detained have been taken to safe-houses of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).

Those arrested in Isfahan have been transferred to wards A-I of the city’s central prison, which are run by the MOIS, and the detainees in Mashhad have been transferred to Vakil-Abad Prison.

Anti-riot forces attacked protests by hundreds of relatives of those arrested who were demonstrating outside the regime’s Justice Department office in Tehran.

In recent days, dozens of protestors have been killed and hundreds injured.

>>>Uprising in Babol, Babolsar, Amol, Qazvin, Ahwaz and Bandar Abbas:

Some 3,000 students and locals protested in Babol late on Monday. The protest began at 9:00 pm and continued until after the midnight. Many banks and government buildings were seriously damaged. Agents of the State Security Force (SSF) and special anti-riot forces, and plainclothes agents attacked the demonstrators and arrested a number of the students. Suppressive forces used water cannons to disperse the crowd. A number of motorcycles belonging to the suppressive forces were set on fire. At least 100 people have in recent days been arrested in Babol, Amol and Babolsar.

Students of Qazvin University and other young people protested in various streets in Qazvin, chanting "death to the dictator". Suppressive security forces attacked the demonstrators but encountered resistance. A number of banks and state owned automobiles were seriously damaged in these confrontations.

Ahwaz also witnessed day-long protests and confrontations between students and youths and the suppressive forces.

Some 10,000 people rallied in Bandar Abbas in the afternoon on Monday. Despite the presence of security forces, Resalat Avenue was crowded with demonstrators who were chanting anti-government slogans. They chanted "death to the dictator, be it Shah or the doctor (a reference to Ahmadinejad)".

>>>Students stage sit-ins, chant death to collaborator in protest to Moussavi's statement:

On the third day of a sit-in by students in Sharif University of Technology, the State Security Force prevented over 1,000 students from entering the campus. At noon, students broke the main gate and entered the university.

Meanwhile, in the University of Tehran students reacted strongly to a statement on Tuesday by Mir-Hossein Moussavi calling on people not to take part in a rally later in the day. Angry students chanted “death to collaborator,” “No compromise, No surrender, Fight the dictator,” “They are shedding blood.”

>>>150 students from Mazandaran University in Babolsahr have been arrested last night.

>>>Reports of those killed by the regime’s forces are as follows: 8 people in Tehran; 2 people in Kermanshah; 2 in Tabriz; 2 in Rezaiyeh; 2 at Shiraz University; and 5 at Tehran University. A lot have been wounded. The wounded in Tehran have been taken to Imam Khomeini’s 1000 bed hospital. In protest to the government’s brutal attacks, the hospital personnel stopped work since last night.

>>>Yesterday, the families of the detained in Tehran marched to the UN headquarters and called for the regime’s condemnation for its brutality by the UN and western governments. Families of the detained are outraged that the regime refuses to provide information on the status of the children. They want to know if they are dead or alive and where they have been detained.

>>>A number of lawyers in Tehran have issued a press release declaring their willingness to do pro bono legal work for those detained during the protests.

>>>Today there will be a march from 7 Tir Square to the Islamic Assembly in continuation of the people’s protests.

>>>Last night, there was a meeting with Khamenei, representatives of the 4 candidates, the Council of Guardians, Ministry of Interior and Expediency Council. At the meeting, Khamenei reiterated that Ahmadinejad remains president. Whilst some votes will be recounted, this will not result in the annulment of the election.

¿Revolución o no?

Las últimas noticias de Irán. Noticias en continuado, ¡refrescadas cada segundo!
Las últimas informaciones obtenida a través del blog de Seed Valadbaygi indican lo siguiente:

Ya son 32 los muertos por las balas de las fuerzas de seguridad. Militares y policía secreta están destrozando las universidades. En la de Teherán asaltaron los dormitorios del campus y golpearon y mataron estudiantes de una manera increíble. Según una fuente estudiantil, hay actualmente allí cinco personas muertas y muchos más heridos o llevados por los guardias. Para demostrar objeciones, muchos conferenciantes de la universidad han dimitido y están solicitando la devolución de los cuerpos muertos de sus estudiantes. En la segunda noche de la protesta, el "golpe de estado de las elecciones", las energías de las autoridades fueron puestas para detener la reunión pacífica de la gente, han invadido ásperamente la universidad de Teherán y atacado a estudiantes atacados usando la fuerza e implementos como gas y granadas de pimienta.
Uno de los estudiantes en su informe ha dicho: "Esa gente nos atacó con las armas y comenzó a tirar cerca de las 3:30 hasta las 5.00 PM, y ésto fue hecho de una manera que horrorizaba más. Utilizan gritar y golpear a los estudiantes. Incluso lanzaron un par de estudiantes hacia fuera de la ventana encima del edificio, y tengo que decir que su situación actual no es buena. Más de veinte de nuestros amigos han sido matados y se han arrestado muchos más, pero desafortunadamente no sabemos dónde los tienen".
Según lo dicho previamente, atacaron el campus y rompieron todas las computadoras. Incluso atacaron los árboles en la universidad porque ellos estaban tan enojados que comenzaron a tirarles con sus armas, por lo tanto todos los árboles se rompieron. Es absolutamente obvio que Ahmadinejad ha enviado a esta gente para tomar venganza, sólo porque están contra él. Según el informe de uno de los estudiantes, los estudiantes resistían pacíficamente contra los crueles ataques, no obstante aquí era en una situación donde para ayudar a sus compañeros los estudiantes tuvieron que luchar sin tener ningún implemento o arma específica.

Muchos comerciantes en el bazar en Teherán, incluyendo comerciantes del rubro textil, el lunes fueron a la huelga. Otros mercaderes dijeron el lunes en una declaración que irían a la huelga el martes. Las secciones grandes del bazar han estado cerradas dsde esta mañana. Los comerciantes están en huelga contra la matanza bárbara de la gente que participó en la sublevación valerosa contra la república islámica. Simultáneamente el martes, iraníes en la C.C. de París, de Londres, de Washington, Berlín, Estocolmo, Gothenburg, el Hague, y Strondheim (Noruega) llevaron a cabo protestas en solidaridad con la sublevación a nivel nacional del pueblo iraní.

Los profesores dimiten y se unen a los estudiantes en la Universidad de Teherán, en protesta porque cese la represión brutal de los estudiantes durante la incursión reciente en los dormitorios, y la reunión continúa en la mezquita de la universidad. En otro desarrollo, más de 120 profesores de la universidad dimitieron colectivamente en protesta a las matanzas de estudiantes por las fuerzas represivas, y se ensamblaron con los manifestantes.

La detención de manifestantes y de opositores jóvenes del régimen en Teherán y la mayoría de las otras ciudades que comenzaron el sábado ha ganado nuevas dimensiones. Millares han sido arrestados hasta ahora.

Cerca de 900 de los detenidos se han transferido a la célebre prisión de Evin en Teherán. Unos 350 se han puesto en confinamiento solitario en Evin y los otros se están sosteniendo en la sala 240 de la prisión. Un número de detenidos han sido llevados a las "casas de seguridad" del Ministerio de la Inteligencia y la Seguridad (MOIS).

Los arrestados en Isfahan se han transferido a las salas A-I de la prisión central de la ciudad, que son dirigidas por el MOIS, y han transferido a los detenidos en Mashad a la prisión de Vakil-Abad.

Sublevación en Babol, Babolsar, Amol, Qazvin, Ahwaz y Bandar Abbas:

Unos 3.000 estudiantes y pobladores locales protestaron en Babol la tarde del lunes. La protesta comenzó a las 9:00 P.M. y continuó hasta después de la medianoche. Muchos bancos y edificios del gobierno fueron dañados seriamente. Los agentes de las fuerzas de seguridad del estado (SSF) y de las fuerzas especiales anti-motines más otros agentes atacaron a los manifestantes y arrestaron a un número de estudiantes. Las fuerzas represivas utilizaron los cañones del agua para dispersar a la muchedumbre. Un número de motocicletas que pertenecían a las fuerzas represivas fueron incendiadas. Por lo menos han arrestado a 100 personas en días recientes en Babol, Amol y Babolsar.

Los estudiantes de la universidad de Qazvin y otros jóvenes protestaron en varias calles en Qazvin, cantando "muerte al dictador". Las fuerzas represivas de la seguridad atacaron los manifestantes pero encontraron resistencia. Un número de bancos y de automóviles fueron dañados seriamente en estas confrontaciones.

Ahwaz también fue testigo todo el día de protestas y confrontaciones entre los estudiantes y jóvenes y las fuerzas represivas.

Unas 10.000 personas se reunieron en Bandar Abbas por la tarde el lunes. A pesar de la presencia de las fuerzas de la seguridad, la avenida de Resalat fue colmada con los manifestantes que cantaban lemas anti-gobierno. Cantaron "muerte al dictador, sea el Shah o el doctor" (una referencia a Ahmadinejad).

Los estudiantes cantan "muerte al colaborador" en protesta a la declaración de Moussavi:

En la Universidad de Teherán los estudiantes reaccionaron fuertemente a una declaración el martes de Mir Hossein Moussavi que invitaba a la gente a no participar en otra marcha más adelante en el día. Los estudiantes enojados cantados "muerte al colaborador," "ningún compromiso, ninguna entrega, lucha al dictador".

Han arrestado a 150 estudiantes de la Universidad de Mazandaran, en Babolsahr, ayer por la noche.

Los informes sobre los muertos por las fuerzas del régimen son los siguientes: 8 personas en Teherán; 2 personas en Kermanshah; 2 en Tabriz; 2 en Rezaiyeh; 2 en la universidad de Shiraz; y 5 en la universidad de Teherán. Muchos han sido heridos. Los heridos en Teherán han sido llevados al hospital de Imam Khomeini 1000. En protesta a los ataques brutales del gobierno, el personal del hospital paró el trabajo desde ayer por la noche.

Las familias de detenidos en Teherán marcharon a las jefaturas de la O.N.U y llamaron a la condena del régimen por su brutalidad, por parte de la O.N.U y los gobiernos occidentales. Las familias de los detenidos se quejan de que el régimen rechaza proporcionar información sobre su estado. Desean saber si están muertos o vivos y donde los han detenido.

Ayer por la noche había una reunión con Khamenei, representantes de los 4 candidatos, del Consejo de Guardianes, del Ministerio del Interior y del Consejo de la Conveniencia. En la reunión, Khamenei reiteró que Ahmadinejad sigue siendo presidente. Mientras que algunos votos serán contados de nuevo, ésto no dará lugar a la anulación de la elección.


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saeeed are you Ok?

who ever videotaped this had blood on his had...
My heart is bleeding

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check this out from yahoo:

dude be careful, start writing anonymously. These bastards don't have any mercy

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bokoshin in basijiaye kasifo, bejangid bejangid, in akhondaro atish bezanid, mardome dalire iran ma pirooz khahim shod

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Stay safe. Even though President Obama has not said he stands by you. Us American people do. Freedom is not free, sometimes one must fight for it. Tyranny is starvation, where freedom is a feast.

Arizona, USA

Anonymous said...

I've been following the latest developments in Iran since last Friday.

I thought I'd post a message to refer you and those with you who are against the regime to Carlos Marighella's Mini-manual of the Urban Guerrilla (you can find it here: I'm sure many of your friends and maybe even yourself have already read it, but I thought, what the heck.

I know you are protesting peacefully and all that, but I think might the govt. might become more oppresive in retalliation, so you should be able to defend yourselves in some way.

Take care. Best regards from Argentina.

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I hope you stay safe. Your courage is inspiring.

All the best!

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regarding the situation in Iran, listen to this music video called "Human right?"

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just because you are upset that ahmadinejad won doesnt mean you should protest and cause violence
long live ahmadinejad and khomeini

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