Monday, June 22, 2009

Live blogging...minute by minute with Revolution!

NOTICE:More video and photos uploaded over the Facebook

Today there will be two Demo, First at 7 Tir,16 Local Time, Second Ferdosi Sq. 17, AT 7Tir ppl gather in memory Neda &others

Neda's Grave!

>>>Isa Sahrkhiz, Journalist arrested 1 hr. ago in Tehran, More than 25 Journalist Arrested in less than 1 week.

Hezbollah attacked to Etemad Meli Newspaper.

Protest starts NOW

Clashes in ferdosi SQ!
Some clashes in valiasr sq, reportedly non-violent
The sms is still down cz they know the MOMENT its back on ppl will organize HUGE protests again

Tehran is so quiet, no traffic, ordinary life is at standstill, or barely crawling
today is quiet, there are police everywhere and basij patrolling the streets with batons
People gathering in Haft Tir (7 Tir) Sq mourning for more than 25 protesters who killed at Saturday be regime's milittias

today is quiet, there are police everywhere and basij patrolling the streets with batons.
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards threatens protesters, warns “revolutionary” crackdown
At least 1,000 protestor have gathered in Tehran’s Haft-e Tir Square despite government warnings

Hundreds of protesters turn out for Tehran demo despite Revolutionary Guard warning against protests
Laleh Park and Shiroudi Stadium have become the command center to organize anti-riot police and plain clothes
Hundreds of Basij militia and riot police are present at the protest in Tehran which is deemed illegal by the government.
One person was arrested
Anti-riot police attacks a crowd of people holding candles in Tehran’s 7 Tir Sq., attempting to disperse them
Iran’s Supreme Leader meets with heads three branches of government to discuss post-election protests
there are some 1,000 protesters.
Just hours before, the armor sethas entered the azadi (FREEDOM) square in tehran
Clashes at Haft e Tri Sq. More than 10,000 Protesters gathering in memory of 25 p killed Sat, including Neda
Clashes are underway in Tehran after police fired tear gas at hundreds of protesters and fired in the air.
There are currently 2000 officers resting in tents in a park called (LALEH) in tehran
Sepah (IRG) Warned :Will Faceing With Protesters So Hard!
Police, Bassij, Hezbollah attacking People at Hafte Tir (Central Tehran), Protester throwing stones and set fire,tea gas used.
Ali lerijani, hashemi shahroodi and mahmoud ahmadi nejad, held a conference with ayatllah khameneyi this morning regarding the elections and the current situations
Riot police and Basij militia disperse large crowd in Tehran and arrest at least 5 people.
behind rafansanjanis meetings with the authorities in qom, there is a possibility for the formation of leader ship council in iran
Intense fightings in mofatteh street, the sound of ambulance can easily be heard from karimkhan, people are walking in the streets of hafte tir, and are keeping quiet
The cantre square and the subway is in the hands of the mobilizing groups. in all the high buildings around the field, power arms can be seen
they're hitting people in Hafte Tir sqaure. about 3-5 thousand people are there
Amirabad is currently full of gaurds and police
Iranian police attack hundreds of protesters with tear gas, fire in the air to disperse Tehran rally
Forces are beating ppl in 7 Tir sq
7 Tir sq. & metro station in control of the forces. On 7 Tir St., People are walking but keeping quite so far
Hafte tir, karimkhan, sanayi and laleh park are the scene of clashes between secret forces and the crowd who are wearing all black and are holding flowers in their hands
Tens of thousends of candles lit throughout Tehran, mashad, Shiraz, Ahwaz
Many people have gathered at the hafte tir round about and are sitting on the grounds. they are all quiet and have candles lighted in their hands hwever the special guards are trying to attack people and force them to move away
At the hafte tir round about the number of secret forces are much more than the ordinary people
Islamic Republic' state tv is asking "citizens" to help identify and arrest protestors
all the cell phones in the areas of hafte tir, enghelab and azadi are currently disconnected
cell networks are currently down at hafte tir, enghelab and azadi square
Police and basiji all over tehran, but candles appearing every corner,ever avenue, every alleyway
Conflict in Hafte Tir Sq
During the demonstrations are being targeted. Some report seeing sharp shooters on roofs
Mobile phones in tehran working until late afternoon/eve
Majid dori, student activist has been arrested
Although people all over iran still have their bjections, and the clashes between people and the special guards are getting worse every day in other cities of iran. ahmadinejad is giving advice for his second cabinet
Since friday night sms services have been back on everywhere except tehran
Spreading Clashes to all Central St. Hafte Tir, Ferdosi, Vali Asr, Enghelab, More than 50,000 protesters are in the streets
Abbas Abdi from Karoubi campaign: GC should disqualify themselves
Source in shiraz says there it is the same story
University quiet earlier today
Police & plain cloths usings tear gas, pepper spray and batons to disperse crowd
Plain Cloths now in front of Kalameh newspaper place in Hafte Tir Sq. Journalists are stuck in the building
people :
YOU'RE just riffraff, lower than dirt,I'm the aching lover, blazing and lit.
You're the black halo, oppressive and blind,I'm the brave hero and this land is mine!
People are gathering at 7tir SQ, Shouting,we're not afraid of death, we fear living
police conflicts & use of tear gas in front of Jaam-e-Jam as well
Basij crawling around haft-tir Sq
If my silence so shakes the dictator to his core, then what will my OUTCRIES do?
180 journalists issued an statement re government pressure stopping them from reporting
Laleh Park and Shiroudi Stadium have become the command center to organize anti-riot police and plain clothes
"Frightening reports coming from Tabriz (Mousavi’s hometown); they resemble Saturday’s massacre in Tehran"
England restricts travels to Iran, withdraws embassy families stationed in Tehran
Police Using Gunfire, Tear gas,Electric Bat. Clashes at Enghelab SQ
people:Regime of Coup d'état, abdicate, abdicate!
Maziyar Bahari arrested in Tehran. he was Newsweek reporter
In Enghelab sq. police shooting the air, using tear gas & electric batons
People are gathering near Mellat Park (North Tehran) Near State TV, Trafic Jamm & Lights and Horn
At least 47 killed and 1206 injured from this days!
Scattered conflict on streets around TV station and Mellat park and Jame Jam
Clashes at Oromieh, Police used teargas
In today's conflict some women and girls sent to the hospital as the clubs injured their heads
At least more than 80 of today’s protesters have been arrested by anti-riot police

sharp shooters on roofs

Tehran ,today

Tehran,today 22 june


Anonymous said...

Is it true?
In just 10% are more than 3.000.000 fraud votes
"Iran's Guardian Council has admitted that the number of votes collected in 50 cities surpass the number of those eligible to cast ballot in those areas".
Sorry my english.

Thuan Trinh said...

I am a Vietnamese immigrant who moved to America 10 years ago. Joined the US Army and fought proudly for democracy in Iraq. But my love for democracy and freedom is nothing compared to the Iranian youths currently risking their lives everyday on the streets of Iran. Their bravery is an inspiration of us all.

Behnoush said...

I've been reading your blogs everyday for the past few days. I must say I admire your courage, bravery and loyalty toward the people of this nation. Thank you for letting those of us outside Iran know about what goes on inside so we can give what little help is in our hands. May a new sun set in our lives in this time of grief.

Yankee Division Son said...

Thank you for your service Thuan Trinh, and thanks to all who fight for freedom.

Anonymous said...

jahan CIncinnati

Be rezeh khameine man gol kradam

Mr Sweden said...

When I see the videos I see that you dont cover your faces. You can be sure that the police is going to look at all the videos.
And please take it easy. If you dont survive, the fight for your freedom is pointless

All this may be easy for me to say sitting safe in Sweden.
I understand you have to act, just take it easy... ok

Tony said...

Im Samantha and my dad is Iranian. But I am American. I feel for all the Iranian people fighting for freedom! Also the ones suffering. I hope this all ends very soon someday! But dont think all Americans could care less about Iranian people. Some (like me) want this ALL to end! My hopes and prayers are with the people in Iran! Thanks for letting us know what does go on there. Sam

Anonymous said...


ASW said...

freedom is close, bloodshed was not in vain, freedom is coming, stay strong, we are with you, pray for iran, cry for iran, we are with you, freedom is coming, stay strong

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow countrymen/women,

please understand, that there is no turning back anymore. they got most of your names, your adresses, where you study or work.

So please keep fighting against suppression.

And to all the FEMALE iranians, STOP covering your hair anymore, if it's not your faith.

It should be your free choice from now on.

Love & Peace

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow countrymen/women,

please understand, that there is no turning back anymore. they got most of your names, your adresses, where you study or work.

So please keep fighting against suppression.

And to all the FEMALE iranians, STOP covering your hair anymore, if it's not your faith.

It should be your free choice from now on.

Love & Peace

ac said...

Someone in Florida is keeping good thoughts that this will end soon and end well. Stay strong in your convictions and please stay safe. Thanks so much for the updates!

Ms J said...

Love you Saeed

Ray Duray, USA said...

Dear Thuan and Yankee Division Son,

Please desist from your self-delusion that you are doing anything other than serving the most malicious and destructive evil on the planet when you refer to yourselves as being "in service" to the American Empire. Your prostitution is not welcomed or admired by this American who happens to know that the U.S. Govt. lied us into an illegal assault on Iraq for purposes of conquest, and not as you so childishly say "for freedom". That's ridiculous, and you know it!


Asher Abrams said...

Thuan and YDS, thank you for your service, from a fellow veteran (USMC - Desert Shield/Storm).

To Saeed and the good people of Iran, my hopes and prayers are with you.

Thuan Trinh said...

Ray Duray,
I am willing to bet that if you ever lived in countries like Vietnam or China or Iran you will have a totally different view of your own government. But I doubt you will even last 1 day in those places. The only hardship you ever experience is getting off your couch to get some pizza of the microwave. Sure people die in wars but its a price to pay for freedom. Look at South Korea. Iraq may be unstable now but OIF definitely help guided them in the right direction. Now go to your backward redneck meetings and google the internet for anti-government websites.

bo said...

And today's Sanctimonious Asshole award goes to ...

[opens evelope]

Ray Duray, USA!

I concur that the invasion of Iraq was nothing but Bush's Vanity War, but anyone who has put themselves in that mess and done their best has made a major personal sacrifice and that is worthy of some respect.

MM.CD said...

The momentum for change in the world stirred by young people demanding a better life for their children...has a force that will clear the path ahead of all obstacles.
I am an old woman, so I have great fury at old men who are so in love with their own useless ideas, they try to destroy the vision of the young. Their senile thinking has destroyed many great societies. But no more in Iran!
Solidarity & Non-Violence will topple the enemies of Freedom & Democractic Society. A Free Iran Is Coming.

bo said...

To be more on topic,

Good thoughts and prayers to those in Iraq who struggle for the truth and justice. In the midst of the horror and confrontation, I've have seen tremendous restriant and I hope this will resolve positively and soon.

Thank you for the information you provide.

from canada said...

You are our hero

Ole said...

I think you should leave any pathetic discussion about US politics out of this blog, you have enough outlets for that. This is about showing our moral support for Iranians who have had enough of a harsh regime not about one oppressing army substituting another.

Anonymous said...

Free Iran.

Moghavemat, Moghavemat, Moghavemat

Ghorbane shoma razmandegan


Ray Duray said...

Hi Ole,

Re: "I think you should leave any pathetic discussion about US politics out of this blog"...

That was exactly the point of my comment. I'm sorry that the thugs who are in love with thuggishness (and apparently American narcissistic childishness) cannot be shut up.

In the U.S., one of the best (most honest) blogs on the situation in Iran is Informed Comment by Prof. Juan Cole.

I am wondering what people on this thread might think of a general strike in Iran as being the next logical escalation of those opposing Ahmedinejad? This seems to be a reasonable step.

In comparing Tehran with home, one thing I found surprising to me as a U.S. based organizer is that most of the Tehran rallies have been called for 4 PM. I'm used to doing things much earlier in the day and only on weekends. Then again, I'm not used to the transformation from daytime peaceful protest seguing seamlessly into nighttime mayhem. We seem to have lost that skill in America after the Viet Nam War protests ended.


Mr Sweden said...

Damn you Americanos. You but yourself into every geografical place in the world. Mostly by force and violence.

Just behave on this blog. We dont want one Americo-loser talking down another Americo-loser.

Ray Duray said...

There is some reason to suspect that the color revolution in Iran today may be being orchestrated from behind the curtains much as several other recent color revolutions in Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgystan were apparently less home-grown than many participants thought at the time:

Does anyone see the invisible hand of intelligence services entering into the fray in Iran? I recall that in 1953 it was the CIA that was hiring the then equivalent of the Basiji to come out onto the streets of Tehran in order to get British editorials into Iranian newspapers condemning Mohamed Mossadegh for his failure to control the mobs. Of course, it all a con job by MI6 and the CIA. A good book for yanks on this sordid history is Steven Kinzer's "All The Shah's Men".

Daniel (an American Muslim Living in Venezuela( said...

Believe it or not! we are informed back here in South America! President Chavez supports the Dictator Ahmadinejad they're 2 bastards from the same trench!

so,my words are in this moment to the Brave Iranian people,students,youth,women,older people WE SUPPORT YOUR GREEN REVOLUTION! GO Musavi! Down with Khamenei and Ahmadinejad!!! DO NOT SURRENDER! DO NOT FEAR REPRESSIVE FORCES BECAUSE ALLAH SEES EVERYTHING AND KNOWS EVERYTHING! Khamenei will be Judged along with Ahmadinejad in HELL!

Anonymous said...

Deepest solidarity with the Iranians!

One day we will see world wide revolution in other countries plagued by any kind of dictatorship, western, eastern, southern and northern! In all third-world second or first-world countries!


PS: Patriotic American comments here are NOT welcome!

Anonymous said...

FROM ITALY:will God bless and protect you all!
it's what I'm asking everyday!
don't stop fighting, do not surrender!
be strong and corageous, all the world is watching!your're not alone

Dominique said...

Please, some one can he draw a green avatar with "WHERE IS MY LIFE ?" (For memory of Neda).
Dominique (From France)

Leo said...

I hope your struggles come to victory. I've seen Neda's death movie, I prayed for her soul.
Keep up the good work.
Leo from Italy.

Anonymous said...

I really admire your courage. I'm married to an Iranian man and we try to keep up to date with you and other sources of information. We feel so powerless, because we want to support your efforts for freedom (and all freedomfighters). That's why we spread all information to our relatives in Iran, who don't have access to satellite tv and internet and to the people of the Netherlands. Tonight there's a demonstration planned in our town to show our support to you and the world.
Please be careful! Keep up the good work!!
Janetta from the Netherlands

Griff said...

That you for the risk you take so we can hear the truth. In the comfortable west we have pathetic turnouts for elections while in Iran you risk your lives for the right to be heard. You all deserve our deep respect.

One thing that is notable is how the regime is almost succeeding in stifling reporting. Our UK Guardian and even a BBC reporter within Tehran seem convinced Sunday was devoid of any protestor activity, while it is clear from those right at the epicentre that this is not true.

What you are doing is very valuable. For this we admire you and owe you a great debt.

Please keep safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. How sure can we reasonebly be about the very nature of what's happening over there? I dont want to doubt about the good will of those who are challenging the police and the other security forces on the streets. Simply i find it very difficult to believe that the man who is gathering the protest spirit around him and that seems to be interpreting the need of more democracy in your country is the same mnan that was prime minister during the times of the war aginst Iraq, the same man who has tons of blood on his hands having been part of the regime that persecuted those progressive and liberal fringes of the old revolutionary movement.
The suspect, here in the west, is that many people, who only aim freedon, are actually being used by the regime's factions for what looks like an internal conflict for the power's control.
If all this is just speculations, you all need to make clear to the world what's behind this rioting, because no one seems to be sure of anything here, especially the internatiuonal public opinion. (

Griff said...

Denis in Italy.

I do not pretend to fully understand the motivations of the powerful factions in Iran.

My point was simply that some major western press outlets are buying the regime story that the protests were zero on Sunday.
Perhaps because they refuse to believe non attributable blogs. Perhaps because they simply don't know.

This is actually what makes me personally less inclined to believe that the CIA are running the show, for example - they would make sure the US media reported the uprising fully, surely ?

What is clear however, is that the people on the streets are
- taking great personal risk for something they believe in
- not "just" middle class students
- genuinely of the opinion that the whole structure of the country's power system is flawed.

I know some hold the view that Mousavi might be more of the same. I think the principle of "having my vote counted" is actually more important than "I wanted Mousavi to win" right now.

Once it was realised that the democratic process is a sham supported by the supreme ruler, people on all sides knew they deserve a better system.

I don't believe anyone is honestly saying that the protestors want Mousavi instead of Ahmedinijad and then all other aspects of the system to remain the same.
It has gone beyond that now.

And though I personally have a healthy dose of mistrust for most US foreign policy, I think it would make little sense for the USA to be behind this kind of chaos.

Why do I believe what I read in Revolutionary Road ? Because so much of what was reported here Saturday was later confirmed.

How do I know what is really happening ? Maybe I don't, but the more sources I have, the more chance I have of making up my own mind.

Once again, keep safe in Iran.

Anonymous said...

We are with you. We are with you. Do not relinquish hope. Do not give up the fight. Natarsid.

yousef said...

Saeed u r my love

Nancy said...

So glad to see you're still blogging, Saeed. Keep safe.

Anonymous said...

Respect From Italy.

we are with you!


Anonymous said...

Thanx saeed, for letting iranians far from the country know what's going on min by min in iran,especially with these lousy mobile networks.
i have my heart in my mouth around the appointed times of gatherings and protests,and your blog is a real blessing.
you know you are exteremly contributing and brave,so i don't need to re-mention.
waiting for more blogging today.
keep up man.

Vida said...

امروز دوشنبه/ اول تیرماه/ میدان هفت تیر/ ساعت ۴ عصر

بزرگداشت ندا، صالحی

خانواده او را تنها نگذاری

Anonymous said...

To all non-Iranians,
Thank you so much for your support.this is exactly what my people really need right now,worldwide.However i want the American supportive people to know, with all respect and gartitude,plz jus fallow what your respectable president is conducting in his path.he commented on recent controvercies of Iran as iran's "internal affairs" and HE KNOWS his direct support or interference would lead this movement to become something like Iraq's goof by bush.obama is not taking direct sides,since he know our government is waiting for such a side-taking to name this movement american and justify all supressions,as fighting with THE ENEMY,as they put it.Therefore, thank you all,we love you,but we don't seek american democracy.we want our freedom. so keep up supporting us with your words and prayers.
WE still HAVE HOPE...


Ray Duray said...

Denis & Griff,

I've been keeping a close watch on this evolving protest since being completely shocked on the Saturday after the vote to discover that the results were announced before the votes could have been properly counted. That got my attention. As obviously it has for millions in Iran.

I tried hard to get trustworthy insights into the election early on and found that the alignment of people supporting either side was hardly predictable.

I was quite surprised that the Independent UK's Robert Fisk immediately expressed confidence in the vote results. Now I'm even more mystified that leftist leaders like Hugo Chavez and George Galloway appear to be endorsing Ahmadinejad as the legitimate winner. Talk about strange bedfellows. What is less surprising is that the American neocons and the Likud seem to be happy that they still have a bizarre enemy in Iran.

I respect Juan Cole a lot, and I tend to agree with him that the vote count, overvotes and vote counting methodology are all deeply suspect. (See the Chatham House report for more).

But what is concerning to me regarding our nefarious and devious intelligence services is that it does appear that the New York Times, the BBC and other establishment media are certainly not burying the Iran protest story, unlike they did when it came to domestic peace protests against the criminal attack by the US/UK on Iraq. So that is a marker that is quite troubling. The protests in Iran seem to have to official stamp of approval of the Anglo-American elites. Why is that?

Is it because Mousavi has promised a more conciliatory approach to Anglo-American corporate interests in the oil and gas bonanza in Iran's rich fields?

As one famous writer once put it, the situation continuest become curiouser and curiouser.

Ray Duray said...

Hi marjan,

You said: "(Obama) commented on recent controvercies of Iran as iran's "internal affairs" and HE KNOWS his direct support or interference would lead this movement to become something like Iraq's goof by bush."

I keep close tabs on Mr. Obama. I could cite dozens of instances where what he says is not matching his administration in action. I won't go into this here, since this is an Iran thread. I will however ask that people NOT accept the word of any American politician at face value. As one wise fellow once put it, "the best way to confirm a government policy is to hear the government deny it."

Rest assured that the CIA, NSA, NSC, DoD, JCS, Congressional and White House staffers and an army of U.S. contractors are all "working the Iran problem" night and day in order to figure out a way to take advantage of the situation for the Empire. No matter what Obama says he's not doing. :)

Beppe83 said...

Hi my friends, i'm Beppe from Italy and i just want you to know that i'm everyday with you with my mind and my heart.
I'm following (with my university flatmates) all the things that are happening, even if the information arrives sometimes with a thread of uncertainty and apart from the nobility of the cause you are manifesting for, another very important signal that you are showing to the world is your courage (in Italy we are having many problems concerning freedom of the press and corrupt politicians..Prime Minister controls the media and uses the police to intimidate the demonstrators and i hope that people could be encouraged by you!) we are very proud to see so many persons, men and women, fighting for their rights.

Yesterday i've sent (and i'm sure not the only one) a mail to the Italian Embassy in Teheran to request to receive the injured protesters, cause -as journals say- some are even arrested in hospital..then in the evening our Foreign Minister has announced that the Embassy will be open to the Iranian people who may will need help. Keep in mind it if you may need help!

Sorry for my english mistakes,
Freedom Forever

Anonymous said...

fraud in election, announcement by ahmadinejad goverment:

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, the image:
should be translate:

at 09:47, total counted vote was:30506422 and for Mr. Rezayi was: 633048

then at 13:53, total was: 34377493
and for Mr. Rezayi was: 587913 votes

Anonymous said...

HI Ray Duray
Im perfectly aware of the fact that what seems,is not really what is going on.there must be cplicated systems behind the sences and we all know that(at least some of us).but the fact here is that we need to do something.'cos you are not living in Iran and you can never imagine what type of dictatorship we are going might be able to imagine, but you have never experienced living in such sophisticated,suffocating condition.i know its not heaven in USA but at lesat you people there are not beaten aand killed in the steets because of what you wear,say and even think.absolute freedom exist nowhere i believe, but a minimum,why.My ppl are fighting for that minimum.We are not fully aware of the policies hidden,but What we can do now is saying NO to this horrifying,worse, intensifying situation.
What else do you think we can do?I'm not interested in Obama and his actions and speeches, but as far as my ppl are concerned now, they need to fight for their rights and lives.We want reform here in Iran.We are fighting for a change in our system.and i don't think it could be reached by sitting back and thinking it's all a show,USA is behind everything, so let's give up and die.
any suggestions??

Anonymous said...

Dear Marjan,
solidarity for your battle against the ahmadinejad goverment. I really hope the iranian people win the battle for democracy without intromission of US. It's your country and it will be your democracy.
Keep in safe brave iranian girl.
Robert - Italy

Anonymous said...

Hello from Germany,
yes I think we should support the protest in Iran (without any military action from Western countries).
I would like to organaize a music event in Europe for suppoting freedom movement in Iran (Not only Moussawi). Anyone Conatct or Idea to do that ?? (sorry Im not an artist)

Anonymous said...

I am near the iran people who wants freedom!!!!!

Ole said...

To Marjan - well said and so true. Have visited your lovely country many times the past 33 years. Last time two months ago and wondered, how much longer are you willing to take the daily repressions? Please keep it dignified and please avoid being part of the bloodshed if possible. No free spirit likes the Mullahs but any change however small is progress for you.

Ray Duray said...

Hi Marjan,

Thanks for your thoughts. I agree with everything you say. You ask "any suggestions??"

Most importantly, when the Basijis harm the citizens as they did with the tragic murder of Neda Soltani, the Basijis lose all credibility. Your protest coordinators need to work hard to keep your people peaceful and avoid hooliganism. Then the claims by the authorities that you are "terrorists" rings hollow with everyone. So, first you need to be non-violent.

Then the important thing is to realize that there is a lot of uncertainty among the police and basij forces. Not all of them want to slaughter and harm the population. Seek out the ones that you can convert to your side. This blog is titled sooresh1917. Keep in mind that in St. Petersburg, Russia in October, 1917 that the Czar's Navy helped lead the end of Romanov tyranny. Remember that the Russian army and the local police in St. Peterburg all came in on the side of the Revolution. Once you have the momentum, and it appears that you are gaining strength and legitimacy daily, then you need to reach out and form alliances with as many aspects of civil society and of the military as you are capable of. Revolutions are much easier if you have no enemies, eh?

Finally, seize the TV stations and get that awful government propaganda off the air! :)

Paolo e Metaksya said...

I'm Italian and I'm wiyh you and all the other people that try to be free with non violence.
I'm close also to the strong Iranian woman that fight to be free!

Anonymous said...

thanx Ray,
By support and hope u give us and we need it, i exactly mean THIS.
your words,thoughts and the amount that you care and contribute,make our hearts warm. WE KEEP UP.

Frau said...

Hi, I am Italian leaving in Paris.
I am following your struggle for liberty and me, and my friends, are all supporting you!
Great proof of courage.

We are supporting you!

Ray Duray said...


Easy way to keep up with Tweets:

And the hard way:

#NEDA is now streaming at about 20 new messages per minute...

Anonymous said...

Ale said...

Thank you from Italy, too, Saeed. All of us with you any time. Stay strong!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Les Gardiens de la révolution, le
corps d'élite de la République islamique d'Iran, ont menacé lundi les manifestants qùils seraient confrontés à une riposte "révolutionnaire et décisive" de leur part, dans un communiqué cité par l'agence Mehr.
"Les Gardiens de la révolution, les bassidjis (milice islamique dépendant des gardiens, ndlr) et les autres forces de l'ordre et sécuritaires sont prêts à mener une action décisive et révolutionnaire pour (...) mettre un terme au complot et aux émeutes", selon ce communiqué.
C'est la première fois que les Gardiens (Pasdarans), l'armée idéologique du régime, lance un tel avertissement depuis le début des troubles qui ont suivi la réélection contestée du président Mahmoud Ahmadinejad le 12 juin.

Anonymous said...

Freedom for iranian Weman and Men.
Get up for your rights!!!

Barbara from Italy

Alessandro said...

Dear iranian policemen,
why do you hit your brother?
He's fighting for you and for your children!
Dear iranian policemenm,
what is more important?
The orders or your conscience?
Dear iranian policemen,
why have you killed your son?
You cannot kill the future.
Dear iranian policemen,
why have you killed your daughter?
You cannot stop her VOICE.
Her VOICE is now the VOICE of millions of people.
What will you narrate to your grandchildren when you're old?
Follow your conscience!
Be part of the change!
Hey Iran wake up!

Anonymous said...

A good start, but then no new updates for 25 minutes - are you safe?

I follow your blog, in admiration, every day.

Oslo, Norway

Ray Duray said...

Wall Street Journal reports on the surveillance equipment used by the Iranian government to track all Internet traffic in the country. Rather chilling to think about how insidious this really is. Privacy is becoming an endangered concept.

Anonymous said...

I'm Paolo, italian man that live in Morocco.. I'm near you...all the time...I cry for Neda and all victims innocent and I hope that your wonderfull country one day will have a democracy and peace...You aren't alone...the world see you.... Go!

Anonymous said...

Keep us informed as the western media is very slow or even following the Iranian statemedia.
In my heart I'm with all demonstrators and pray for their safety!

Tonight there will be a demonstration in Groningen to protest against the violence in Iran: there's not much more we can do.

From Holland with love

Andrea said...

Italy people is with the iraninan People


Andrea from Italy

Ray Duray said...

Protest Advice:

Anonymous said...

Maibritt Brodersen Anyone wil hacking abilities? This is a site of the Iran gov/police....posting pictures of Iranian protesters they wanna catch! I can't read it but I picked the link up on twitter. Posting it here, hoping someone on Saeeds friendslist can help get rid of the pics on this site and protect the people on them that way.
21 minutes ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · Show Feedback (3)Hide Feedback (3) · Share

Anonymous said...

I salute all brave and passionate people of Iran. God will avenge you!


Anonymous said...

All the world is iranian. We are all with yours.

Good luck from Italy!

Anonymous said...

A network of hackers formed to support the democratic revolution in Iran

take care, dudes ;-)

Anonymous said...

good luck and take care
again my prays are with you

Anonymous said...

Keep on fighting, we are watching you from Italy. We all deserve a better world.

Ole said...

Received from friends in Iran - please spread the word: Petition to United Nations to stop violence in Iran

Dear Friends, This petition is online now. Your email address will not
appear anywhere, but you have to insert it when you sign the petition.If you
are not sure check out other petitions on the same website to make sure that
this is true.
Since this morning " they" have slowed down the internet connection and we are
all trying to send out word. The translation in Farsi is in below.
Even if you don't want to sign the petition pls atleast forward it.

ذوستان عزیز این طومار آماده شده و اگر امضا کنید اسم و ایمیل آدرس را میدهید
ولی میتوانید اسم مستعار یا اسم کوجک
بگذارید. طومار جوری تنظیم شده
که ایمیل آدرسها به هیچ عنوان دیده نخواهد شد. لطفا به دوستان خبر بدهید.
و ترجمه آن در ذيل ميباشد. /petition.html

Ole said...

Translation of letter:

سازمان ملل متحد

به حضور محترم جناب بان کی‌ مون، دبیر کل سازمان ملل متعهد

عالی‌ جناب

تظاهرات صلح طلبانه و غیرخشن شهروندان ایرانی‌، از تاریخ ۱۳ ژوئن، توسط کارگزاران جمهوری اسلامی ایران شدیدا مورد سرکوب واقع شده اند. بیش از ۵۵ نفر کشته و هزاران نفر توسط جمهوری اسلامی به خاطر این تظاهرات صلح طلبانه دستگیر شده اند. حتا کودکان و تماشاگران از گزند این سرکوب ها مصون نبوده اند.

در تاریخ ۱۲ ژوئن وزارت کشور جمهوری اسلامی دهمین دوره انتخابات ریاست جمهوری را برگزار کرد. به نحو عجیبی‌ ساعتی‌ چند پس از بسته شدن حوزه‌های انتخاباتی، محمود احمدی نژاد توسط دولت برنده اعلام گردید. میلیون‌ها ایرانی که به کاندیدا‌های مخالف، آقایان کروبی و موسوی، رای داده بودند جهت اعتراض به نحوه اعلام نتایج انتخاباتی به راهپیمایی مسالمت آمیز پرداختند. آنها همگی‌ تقاضای ابطال انتخابات را داشتند. تظاهر کنندگان پیر و جوان در شهر‌های مختلف ایران به نحوی خود انگیخته و صلح آمیز در راه پیمایی‌ها شرکت کردند. همه تظاهرات مسالمت آمیز بودند، تا زمانی‌ که چماق داران رژیم، که بار‌ها توسط دولت برای ایجاد رعب و وحشت، و مشروعیت دادن به اجرای قوانینی سرکوبگر مورد استفاده قرار گرفته اند، وارد میدان شدند. این الواط، حتا وارد خوابگاه‌های دانشجویان در دانشگاه‌های تهران، شیراز و اصفهان شدند و دانشجویان را مورد رفتاری توهین آمیز و بی‌ رحمانه قرار دادند. ارتباطات تلفنی و خبر رسانی سانسور شده اند. رسانه‌های الکترونیکی، وب سایت ها، پیامک فرست ها، و موبایل‌ها همگی‌ بلوکه شده اند. روزنامه‌های داخلی‌ قادر به انتشار خبر‌های درست که صد‌ها هزار ایرانی‌ و رسانه‌های خارجی‌ شاهد اند، نبوده اند. شهروندان ایرانی‌ مورد ضرب و شتم و بازجویی‌ ‌ ‌ بی‌ دلیل قرار گرفته اند.

با توجه به اوضاع کنونی ایران، ما از سازمان ملل متحد تقاضا داریم که منطبق با منشور اعلامیه حقوق بشر، که دولت ما از امضا کنندگان آن است، به اجرای اصول برشمرده زیر هرچه سریع تر اقدام نماید:

ا) رسیدگی به نقض دولتی تبصره ۵ و تبصره ۹ منشور همگانی حقوق بشر توسط دولت جمهوری اسلامی ایران (هیچ فردی نباید مورد آزار، شکنجه و رفتار غیر انسانی‌، توهین آمیز و بی‌ رحمانه قرار گیرد؛ هیچ فردی نباید مورد دستگیری اختیاری، زندان دلبخواهی و بدون مقررات و یا تبعید واقع شود.) لیست دستگیر شده گان توسط جمهوری اسلامی از تاریخ ۱۳ ژوئن باید اعلام گردد.

ب) محکومیت جمهوری اسلامی ایران جهت نقض اصل ۲۰ آن منشور (حق آزادی تجمع و گرد همایی مسالمت آمیز.)

ج) تشکیل هیئت مستقلی جهت رسیدگی به تخلفات انتخاباتی جمهوری اسلامی ایران در نقض تبصره ۲۱ آن منشور (۱-همه افراد حق شرکت در حکومت کشور خود را، مستقیم و یا از طریق نمایندگان خود، دارند. ۲- همه افراد حق دسترسی‌ برابر به خدمات عمومی‌ کشور خود را دارند. ۳-اراده مردم اساس اتوریته دولت هاست، و این اراده از طریق انتخابات راستین و دوره ای که متکی‌ بر آرای همگانی و عمومی‌ بوده و به نحو پنهانی‌ و بر اساس مقررات و ضوابط آزاد و قانونی است، بیان میشود.)

د) تقاضای جریان اندازی آزادانه اطلاعات از دولت ایران و درخواست احترام به حقوق آزادانه شهروندان ایرانی‌ برای بیان و برای دیدگاه‌های خود مطابق با تبصره ۱۹ آن منشور (همه افراد حق آزادی عقیده و بیان دارند؛ این حق شامل آزادی داشتن دیدگاه‌ها بدون مداخله و یا برای تفتیش، دریافت و آشکار کردن اطلاعات از طریق رسانه‌ها علیرغم وجود مرز‌ها، است.)

ه) درخواست از جمهوری اسلامی ایران برای پاسداشت حقوق برابر شهروندان در مقابل قانون علیرغم دیدگاه‌های سیاسی آن‌ها منطبق با تبصره ۷ منشور اعلامیه حقوق بشر آن سازمان.

گروهي از نویسندگان و هنرمندان (مقیم شهر تهران)

اسامي امضا كنندگان بدلايل معلوم تامين امنيت ايشان فقط در سايت بطور محرمانه درج شده.

Anonymous said...

when Ahmadinejad talks about destroying israel you all sit back and watch when he gains NUKE power you all sit back and watch... WELL fuck you all and NOW just sit back and watch as he kills his own people, after all you did it until now.. and btw this is the kind o man that OBAMA want to peace talk with...

MM.CD said...

There is a simple truth in all civilizations...Power Corrupts Human Beings and Absolute Power Absolutely Corrupts them. All governments have old men with old useless ideas that do not apply in the world that exists for their people.
I am an old woman who believes the young people have a clear vision of a way forward for their own children.
The Iranian people have made a commitment to themselves to live in a Free Democratically Elected Society. They have removed corrupt people from power before...they will do it again this time.
The World is Witness to the Events in Iraq...the media blackout is not working. The People of the World Support the People of Iran and their Vision of a Free Iran.
Neda will never be forgotten. Her Martyrdom is the Light within all people that will lead the Iranian People out of this Darkness of Tryranny.

azadi eshgheman said...

Balatarin tells TANKS ARE in Azadi sq.


Anonymous said...

Fuck Ahmadinejad when says he wants to destroy Israel, and Fuck Israel when takes war over Gaza. Fuck them all.

W people who fights for his right to be free, to live in a democratic world... to simple BE Persons.

Anonymous said...

To previous: You surely know a lot about the war in Gasa, you little I do wish the Iranians a peaceful, liberal, legitimate and enlightened goverment -- marg bar diktator.

Anonymous said...

About the petition it says:

"The petition ID does not appear to be valid."

Can u resend the link... or it have been censored?


Anonymous said...

eheheheheh... i dont know if i know a lot or less than nothing about Bloody days in gaza... i only know that i hoped palestinian people had more means to defend themselves from the shity invasion (INVASION) from israel...


Anonymous said...

Hey Americans, thanks if you feel you like to help us, but best help for you is convince Obama not to stand directly with people fighting. We can fight our way, no need to foreign power.
Anyway! so far about 150 people killed, much much less than 1.6Million your government killed in Iraq!!

WE DON'T NEED ANY FOREIGN FORCE. Just send us your love, we appreciate it!

We want independency, equality, and democracy. and we gonna get it step by step.

Anonymous said...

Look, it is probably not the right place
and time to disuss it. We pulled out of Gaza -- not because we had to, but to give them a chance. After that, they've been
firing rockets on our cities, schools, kindergartens -- almost every day, for months (yes, with the help and money from
Iran -- I believe the money could have been spent
better!). That's why we went in. And we were trying hard to avoid harming innocent
people -- just do some research when you
get Internet back. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hi, I'm Itala from Italy.
I'm crying for your situation, I'm praying for you and your courage.
thinking of you always

Ole said...

Repeat UN petition link:

Still working at least from outside Iran.

Anonymous said...

Ok you are right, this is not the right place to discuss about Gaza... no place in the world... in the universe would be the right ones to discuss about KILLING KIDS... MUTILATE THE FOREVER WITH THE USE OF SPECIAL BOMBS... INTELLIGENT BOMBS IF U LIKE A MORE SOFT NAME. BUT THIS IS ANOTHER STORY...
Good luck to u too.

PEACE FOR ALL (for u too).

Anonymous said...

Thank u Ole

Anonymous said...

To my brothers and sisters in Iran. I live in Los Angeles and left Iran when i was only 7 years old after the revolution in 1979. Since then I've yearned to come back to my country. However I just can't get myself to come back to a country that oppresses its people.

There are a lot of Iranians in Los Angeles that are protesting for and with you everyday. We don't want the US to get involved in your struggle. However we will hold protests and candle light vigils until you are all free.

Please keep fighting for a FREE IRAN. I can't wait for the day to return home and see all of you and enjoy our motherland.


I love you all!

Anonymous said...

hey your sharpshooters looks like hes just filming with a camera. please tell the truth!

Anonymous said...

Global Green Wave Global day Wednesday 24th June - wear black to commemorate and green for hope.

Anonymous said...

Those could still be sharpshooters. That could be a spotter, but it could also simply be two guys with cameras. You're right though, you can't call them sharpshooters based on that pic.

All that aside, we are still watching people of Iran and praying and hoping that everything you have bled for is not in vain! Keep up the fight!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe the number of people who want to forward their own agendas or argue with each other on this blog, while the Iranians are up to their ears in real and present MORTAL DANGER. That's mortal as in deadly, lethal, life-threatening, folks: death right now, not someday caused by cardiovascular disease from eating too many hamburgers and pizzas. Get it?

Right now they could not care less about whether your particular country is right or wrong or a paragon of virtue or better than someone else's. And they don't need instruction from self-appointed experts on how to do what they are doing. You want to tell them how to do it, you go and stare into those gun barrels first--breathe a little tear gas.

It's the Iranians who are the subject here, and it's the Iranians who are getting out there and getting things done while putting their lives on the line.

Get it?

You take care of yourself Saeed.

Rick H

Bremon said...

You are very brave to write this blog and keep people informed about what is happening. I hope and pray that the Iranian people win freedom.

Ray duray - stop telling us all of these problems and things wrong with the government if you offer no viable solution. HOW do we fix this? All you are doing is scaring people and making them distrust people that may simply want to help in the only ways that they CAN. if you have so many problems with the government and our presidents, you try being one. Run for president next election. if people like and agree with you, then you will have a chance to HELP instead of senselessly causing fear and mistrust. I am sure that most people in government are simply doing the best they can.

Again, i hope and pray for freedom.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

from Guardian newspaper:

Curious, unconfirmed rumours coming out of Qom, where former president and Khamenei rival Hashemi Rafsanjani was said to have traveled in recent days to rally support for the protest movement.

A reader writes that this report on states that 40 out of 86 members of the guardian council have signed a letter demanding annulment of the election, and that Rafsanjani has a copy of the letter.

Caveat: This is unconfirmed. I do not this news source and I cannot vouch for it.

Anonymous said...

I think the sharpshooter is holding binoculars. It doesn't mean there aren't guns around though..

Saeed I've been following you since the 20th - thanks for keeping us informed.

My heart goes out to you all - you WILL win this battle, because you are fighting for your basic human rights.

The harder they attack, the more you know you are succeeding - your "leaders" are more scared than you! They know they have abused their powers, they know their days are numbered.

You are RIGHT, and that really does matter.

I've just finished 18 months working in UAE - while there I met many Iranians - gentle, kind, funny and generous souls. And now we see another side: fierce, courageous and determined.

Don't give up - they have guns, tear gas and terror. But this is nothing! Sans valeur! (Without value)

The whole world is watching, a new era is dawning in Iran.



I've set up a TOR relay, don't know what else to do. I think the government will be closely monitoring internet traffic so be "safe"..

Mr Sweden said...

I just heard here in sweden that they plan on
"secure the streets with elit troups."

Take it easy...ok

Anonymous said...

_Remember the lesson learned by Ghandi_

stay safe

Anonymous said...

"Hey Americans, thanks if you feel you like to help us, but best help for you is convince Obama not to stand directly with people fighting. We can fight our way, no need to foreign power.
Anyway! so far about 150 people killed, much much less than 1.6Million your government killed in Iraq!!
WE DON'T NEED ANY FOREIGN FORCE. Just send us your love, we appreciate it!

We want independency, equality, and democracy. and we gonna get it step by step."

June 22, 2009 8:23 PM

Your number of those killed in Iraq is way too large and most of those killed were by their fellow Iraqis or fighter coming in from outside of Iraq. Had only Iraqis killed by Americans been counted, the number would have been very low.
I for one pray that America will never go to any country to help others fight for freedom. We need to stay at home and make sure we don't lose our freedom!

Amos said...

Brave Iranian protesters i can only wish that I'll never have to be in your place, but if i have to i hope I'll have 10% of your courage.

may you all live to see the light of freedom. may all who died never be forgotten. you are making history.

Best wishes from Israel.

Anonymous said...

Iranian people:
Don't stop fighting.The violence is a sign of wekness of this goverment. They are feared this protest can lead a revolution.
So don't stop fighting.
Allah is with you

Anonymous said...

please someone give me a proxy. we need information here. they are trying to isolate us and break through us.
freegate doesn't give service anymore saying it gives service only to china! if I close this window now I'll be cut off for a long time may be.
I need a small sized proxy software to download. thank you (every one who does that!) send it to my mail

Anonymous said...

please someone give me a proxy. we need information here. they are trying to isolate us and break through us.
freegate doesn't give service anymore saying it gives service only to china! if I close this window now I'll be cut off for a long time may be.
I need a small sized proxy software to download. thank you (every one who does that!) send it to my mail

Anonymous said...

use this one:

very fast and safe

Anonymous said...

Kheyli mamnoon az inke darin tazetarin khabarha be ma miresonid dar goshe kenarhaye donya! Ma hamemon be fekreton hastim va tamame roozha hadeseha ra donbal mikonim.

Man be shoma khahar va baradarane shojaham eftekhar mikonam!!
Movazeb bashid, ba eshgh va omide piroozi az Soed

Anonymous said...

I think that Bush and all the shit he did, doesn't represent the true spirit of Americans..i'm sure that people of USA are moved by a real sense od Democracy and Freedom and that they only can't hide the foundamental role of their nation in the balance of the world.
I'm Italian and i wont forget the way they helped us in in a historical moment.

However i wrote it only cause some past comments and cause i'm seeing here a lot of persons from all around the world (of course also from USA) that care about Iranian men and women and that maybe, sometimes, write or say something "exaggerated" just beacause they would like to help them as a brother or sister. Absolutly without any negative intenction.

This is sure Your Fight for Your Democracy and you don't need any intrusion by foreing states.
We are only proud of you as worthy representatives of human beings and i hope it can be also an important step for a subsequent more peaceful relationship in the world.

One last thought for the brave Iranian women, admirable.

Stay Safe. Love You.

Anonymous said...

All proxy sites are filtered as well. I need a proxy software to download.

Anonymous said...

Civil disobedience and economical freeze through strikes. Peaceful marches, chants for justice. That will get the world on your side and highlight the cruelty of the theocracy.

Anonymous said...

Get ProxySwitcher. It will cycle through hundreds of proxy addresses around the world and will filter out known malicious servers.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you people of Iran! Stay safe Saeed!

Jerry said...

Hugely impressive work you're doing here man. Thanks so much from myself and i guess millions more!

Anonymous said...

try thoose

Anonymous said...

Hi Saeed,

kheili khoshal hastam, ke to hameji minewissi. Base man kheili moheme, baranke man va mamanam tars darim, be dadashesh telefon besanim. Tars darim, ke police befahme, ke barkhord ba europa dare. Delemun enghad mikhad behesh sang besanim, wali tarsemun siad tare.

Mawasebet bash!

Mai said...

Sending my love and are praying for you all!

Keep strong and safe!

Thx for a great site!

Daniel from Venezuela said...

We do not Support Ahmadinejad and his Friend Chavez! both are Tyrants!

Neda will be remembered! to everyone reading this blog,Please wear something green in support of Iranians protesters!

Allahu Akbar!

Marg Bar Diktator!

Greetings from Venezuela, respect and friendship to all Iranians fighting for their Freedom!

Anonymous said...

To those who gave their lives , our tribute with this very famous Hindi Freedom Song


aye mere vatan ke logon ...
zara aankh mein bhar lo paani
jo shaheed hue hain unki
zara yaad karo qurbaani

thi khoon se lath-path kaaya
phir bhi bandook uthaake
das-das ko ek ne maara
phir gir gaye hosh ganva ke
jab ant-samay aaya to
kah gaye ke ab marate hain
khush rahana desh ke pyaaron
ab ham to safar karate hain
kya log the vo deewane
kya log the vo abhimaani
jo shaheed...

tum bhool na jaao unko
is liye kahi ye kahaani
jo shaheed...

giuse said...

we're all against that dictatorship, it's impossible Ahmadinejad won again, you're all heroes, brave people, congratulations

Anonymous said...

From Sweden with love

thank you my brave friends

Wish I could be there with you

however in spirit I am


azadi eshgheman said...

look here


Anonymous said...

install TOR on your computer, which helps people in iran to bypass the governments filter

Anonymous said...

install TOR on your computer, which helps people in iran to bypass the governments filter

Anonymous said...

Fight for your freedom.
We are with you.
Romeo, from Italy

Ana K. Lockwood said...

I am standing shoulder to shoulder with you in spirit, and telling everyone I know about your struggles. I hope you make it through safe and well and with your liberty and freedom.

Anonymous said...

our prayers for neda and the other martyrs of freedom!! Remember them!!

I pray for Peace and Democracy in Iran. My heart goes out to all the Iranian protesters. God Bless your courage! Continue to fight for justice!
Isabel - From Spain

Mina said...

I have been following this blog since the beginning of the protests. I have absolutely no understanding of what is going on and will not pretend to understand. What I do know is that as a fellow human, these posts and pictures are ripping my heart to pieces. My offer is to provide support and prayer and to pass on any information that you would like passed on. What can we do to help? Stay safe always.

Daniel from Venezuela said...

It's time to move on to a Secular Government,enough of this Repressive totalitarian Theocracy!

my prayers and thoughts are with Iranian Protestors!

Remember that Khamenei and Ahmadinejad will have to answer directly to the world! Worldwide attention is Focused on Iran!

Anonymous said...

Shame on these cock sucking mother fuckers killing and beating innocent Iranian citizens. They cannot kill everyone, so continue your fight for freedom & democracy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...
(John Lennon)
All my thoughts for the Iranian Protestors!
Europe is with you.

Anonymous said...

For Americans, such as I and apparently some idiot named Ray, don't inject yourself into their struggle. Support them, let them know that they are not alone, but don't give the government the pretext to say that this is America's doing or America's fight. This is Iran's struggle to be resolved by Iranians. And to the idiot named Ray, please keep your nutty conspiracy theories to boards more friendly to your kind. I can suggest UFO's, Bigfoot and natural law tax protestors for a start. Don't hijack these people's progress with your garbage. On behalf of my fellow Americans, I apologize for this person's presence.

Anonymous said...

Believe me when I say that most Americans stand behind the Iranian people and their fight for truth and justice. If I was president of the USA, I would already have had help there for the defenseless, innocent people. Our current president wants to take away our right to bear arms. Guess it would then put us into the same situation as Iran with no defense against a bad regime government. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you in Iran.

Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE!The Iran Ambassador is accusing the US CIA of killing NEDA. Their government is trying to lie to the people of the world just as they are lying about how they are treating their own people to the world.

Griff said...

One think that is rarely mentioned is that "warning shots" fired into the air eventually come down, almost as fast as they went up. In an area swarming with people, there is a high chance at least falling bullet will do some harm.

I have read that Neda was hit 1km away from where security forces and demonstrators were actually clashing. That could well have been by a "stray" bullet. There seem to be no eye witness reports of someone actually seen taking aim at her.

Anonymous said...

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